Grown at the Highest Altitude Ever, Right Next to God. 

Our tea plantation, located on the peak of Mount Changlong, reaches up to 910 meters high. The highest tea plantation in Anji County, it is opposite the world famous Jiangnan Heavenly Lake in Tianhuangping. High above any pollution, Mount Changlong is noted for its variable climate and dense mist all year long. The shortened exposure to sunshine reduces the bitterness of the tea, reduces catechuic acid in the leaves, while boosting L-theanine and soluble nitrogen. The tea tips are milder and leaves thicker, giving more pectin substances. This gives our high mountain tea a combination of sweetness and perfection in every cup. Puyuan Anji High Mountain White Tea is celebrated for its vividness in color, sweetness and mellowness in taste, softness in drinking, simplicity and elegance in aroma, profoundness and liveliness in aftertaste and endurance in brewing.

The Original and Authentic Anji White Tea

Our plantation is only steps away form the original white tea tree. This is why white tea from Mount Changlong is recognized as the most authentic white tea. The superb quality of Puyuan Anji white tea is made available due to its excellent growing environment , treasured pedigree, unique process and our years of expertise.